Cyberhouse offers a vulnerability scanning service in the partnership with the leader of the market “Qualy”.

You can check you internal as well as the external infrastructure in relation to the potential attacks at an acceptable price.

Why should you use our scanning service?

Save finances – our prices are relevant to your infrastructure. You do not require to purchase a high-cost product

Choose simplicity – You will not need to spend human resources in the organization of scanning, analysis and reporting of the results

Get results – Order and receive scanning results in a couple of hours. You will not need to procure and explore any product by yourself.

The price varies based on the amount of the IP addresses and scanning intervals. For the price calculation please submit following information:

  • The number of IPs that needs to be scanned
  • Your desired intervals of scanning (monthly, every three months, yearly)
  • Whether IPs that need to be scanned are located in the external (thus available from the internet) or internal network

First 10 companies will get the scanning services for 1 IP address free of charge!

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