Employees are the backbone of every organization – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Users’ behavior, incomplete knowledge about technologies and threats enables attackers to successfully penetrate in the information systems of different organizations.

As the hacking of computer systems is possible mainly due to the mistakes made by humans, raising awareness of the users is another investment in the field of information security

The goal of our company is to offer an exclusive product tailored to the specificities of your organization at the desired time and location.

Incomplete list of issues included in the training:

  • Importance and need of the information security control systems
  • Most prevalent threats: phishing, vishing, spam, viruses
  • Swindling schemes
  • Social engineering
  • Safe browsing
  • Social network-related threats

Benefits for your staff:

  • They will reflect on the idea that non-IT personnel is the first aim for the hackers and information security is an obligation of every staff member
  • They will be able to identify suspicious letters and formulate relevant responses
  • They will be able to differentiate and eliminate the cases of social engineering
  • They will learn safe browsing skills
  • They will analyze the importance of passwords and other control mechanisms; They will be able to select easy to memorize but strong passwords
  • They will learn about the risks related to the usage of internet, social networks, smartphones.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Through the awareness raising of your staff members you will be able to reduce the risks
  • As a result of analyzing user’s best practices in regard to the security, your IT department will implement control systems more smoothly
  • Your organization will be more resilient toward the commonly spread threats in the web
  • As a result of the flexibility in selecting the time and place for trainings you will get maximum results in minimum time
  • you will receive the results of individual tests and certification of every staff member upon request.

Training methodology:

Our team is confident that the maximum results are achieved when the teaching process is not only useful, but joyous. Our training courses are interactive and aim to engage participants to the fullest through games, practical exercises and different role plays. Training materials will be disseminated to training participants so that they can refresh their knowledge in future.

Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.