Dependency on the information technologies as well as the growing threats and risks make it a priority to manage information security in organizations.

We offer the Information Security outsourcing service. Outsourcing is an effective strategy considering economic environment, the lack of professionals and high costs. It provides the possibilities to reduce the costs and use these saved resources for optimization of critical business processes.

Our team has qualified, experienced and certified professionals who ensure flexibility, effectiveness. and quality of our services.

Managing Information Security entails fulfilling the functions in the organization that are relevant to your business, such as:

  • Formulation and development of the Information Security policy, procedures and instructions
  • Implementation and monitoring of the safety rules and procedures
  • Identification and management of assets
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Monitoring of Security technical control systems: logos, IPS/IDS, security weaknesses/vulnerabilities and updates, firewall, SIEM, antivirus
  • Periodic control: infrastructure testing on the security configuration, managing users’ availability rights, scanning (internal and external), technical testing
  • Provision of internal and purchased program security
  • Participation in the organizational projects and analysis of technical solutions in the field of security
  • Harmonization with the law, regulatory and international standards
  • Provision of safe working environment for organization’s staff and IT
  • Managing audit and penetration testing
  • Provision of expertise in the field of secure infrastructural/technical projects
  • Monitoring and management of security incidents
  • Raising awareness of staff in the field of security and relevant training courses
  • Provision of expertise and support in security-related issues