CyberHouse offers diverse services in the field of Information Security that are tailored exclusively to the specificities of your organization. Our team plans, implements and improves processes and procedures to provide your organization with critical information systems and data confidentiality, cohesiveness and availability.

Our company has relevant resources to fully plan and implement the Information Security program for your business or analyze, improve and harmonize the existing program with international standards and law requirements.

Consulting services include:

Consultations in implementing ISO 27001:

Our certified staff members will assist you to implement ISO 27001. We have an experience of implementing and providing functionality of this standard.

Situational Analysis:

In order to identify the status of the current situation, the assessment and analysis of the processes, security policies and procedures will take place in the organization. By providing situational analysis the organization is informed about the level of security which will enable them to emphasize relevant issues when conceptualizing the strategy.

Formulating effective Information Security strategies:

The Information Security strategy and program will be formulated in line with the requirements and set objectives of the business. The strategy and program represent a guideline for the organization to reach the desired status of the security.

Analyzing the weaknesses/vulnerabilities of the Information Security:

This activity entails identifying and improving the weaknesses/vulnerabilities related to the processes, technologies and procedures, which in turn will protect the organization from growing internal and external threats and provide stable functioning of the business.

Managing Information Security risks:

The goal of managing Information Security risks is to bring those risks to the acceptable level. Resultantly, organization will have the documented process of managing information Security risks during which the risks will be identified, analyzed, assessed and the relevant intervention plan formulated.

Developing Security processes and procedures:

Processes and procedures are important means to manage Information Security at the organization. Your organization will receive processes and procedures that are based on the world’s best practices, tailored to the requirements and specificities of the organization ensuring that the goals of the specific strategy are reached.

Planning and implementing control mechanisms:

With the aim of reducing risks, we formulate and implement effective and relevant control mechanisms. Information classification, availability control, procurement and development of the secure software, cryptographic control, business continuity, incident response plan and etc. This gives us the specific possibilities to ensure your organization’s critical information systems are provided with high level of data confidentiality, cohesiveness and availability.

Partnering with CyberHouse in the field of Information Security will ensure your organization is secure, meets the requirements of the law and is in line with international standards which will generate cost reduction and increased trust toward our organization. Top of Form