Thousands of harmful programs are created every day who by using security vulnerabilities negatively impact on the business. In order to avoid reputational damage and financial losses it is important to identify and tackle every new-found weak links in the security chain.

CyberHouse offers penetration testing and vulnerability analysis to avoid growing risks your information system security actually faces. We are applying most recent scanning tools to identify and assess weaknesses/vulnerabilities. After identification we conduct penetration testing which represents the simulation of the real-case hacking scenario in order to comprehend potential risk-bearing situation to the full extent. As a result of penetration testing you will receive detailed report on the vulnerabilities/weaknesses and potential and doable hacking possibilities, as well as the action plan to mitigate the risks and correct the vulnerabilities.

We offer:

  • Identification and analysis of vulnerabilities and threats
  • Internal network and infrastructure penetration test
  • Penetration test of the systems that are available from the internet
  • web-applications and web-sites penetration test

Our Methodology:

  • We will help you to formulate the demand that is in line with the specificities of your organization
  • We will formulate and introduce the project plan
  • We will identify the weaknesses/vulnerabilities in the existing system
  • We will analyze the weaknesses/vulnerabilities in relation to the threats
  • We will plan the scenario of using each weakness/vulnerability
  • According to the scenario we will simulate the hacking attack
  • We will formulate the impact analysis caused by the potential hacking incident
  • We will assess weaknesses/vulnerabilities based on the criticality
  • We will prepare the report reflecting the weaknesses/vulnerabilities based on the importance/criticality, successful hacking scenarios and recommendations to mitigate the risk and correct the vulnerabilities.